Certificate Deposit Calculator

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Certificate Deposit Calculator - Glossary:

Using our certificate of deposit calculator, can help to forecast your future interest earnings on the planned investment.

Initial Deposit

The starting balance of your proposed deposit account.

Deposit Term

The total number of months for the deposit account to mature.

Interest Rate

Agreed Interest rate under the terms of deposit account agreement.


Interest earned on your deposit account which is generally get reinvested back to deposit account which will help you to get greater maturity value. This calculator is designed to allow you to choose the frequency of Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually.

Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

An effective annual interest rate earned. This is calculated based on the compounding frequency you choose.

Tax Rate

Most individual deposit accounts are subject to tax at the source (Withholding taxes). This calculator calculates the tax on the interest earned based on the user input.

Maturity Value

Estimated value of return on your deposit account (Initial Deposit + Interest earned before taxes). This calculator calculates your maturity value based on the user inputs.

Total Interest Earned

Interest earned on your deposit account based on your APY.

Net Maturity Value

Net Amount (After Taxes - if applicable) paid at the end of your deposit term.